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I’m never gonna let you go again.

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Bonnie & Jeremy ● I’m not ready to let you go [6x02] (◡﹏◡✿)

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You can thank me tomorrow…and the day after that…and the day after that…

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It’s Bonnie. Leave me a message. Hey, it’s me. I paid your cell bill again, your mom said I could. I think she felt sorry for me or something. Or maybe she just wants to hear the sound of your voice, too, what do I know?

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I love you.

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-Jeremy hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. X

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the vampire diaries relationships

↳Jeremy and Bonnie ♔ “Jer, just so we’re clear…I would die a hundred times over  just to have you standing here in front of me, alive.”

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Fangirl Challenge: [21/40] Romantic Relationships » Bonnie Bennett and Jeremy Gilbert
"You and me. This. This is worth it. Any consequence is worth it.”

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The most powerful memories aren’t flat or linear. The moments that you replay over and over again are like this. They spin and spin and sometimes they make you dizzy. Or at least, the good ones do

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